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The Brackets of dawn of Warriors 1v1 DM GA Tournaments is up Now. Players can check out their Oponents at the [You must login to view link]. You can continue with your Games on or after 15th October. Probable schedules are also included alongwith important Informations.

Important Information

  • Map To Be Played : DMWC_GA

  • View The Rules & Settings :
  • Probable Schedules :

    Qualifier for Round of 32
    Only for Zottendree vs milltay
    To Be Played As soon as possible ;flowers

    Round of 32
    Between 15th october to 24th October

    Round of 16
    Between 24nd October to 2nd November (wednesday)

    Round of 8
    2nd Nov to 9th November

    Semi Finals

    Finals & third place
  • In case the Rounds didn't played in due time , Admin win will be given as according viewing the scheduling threads.
  • Schedule your Games Here :
    Search for your thread :)
  • Thanks , Message me for any query ;flowers
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OKComputer_ is best

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